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[FAQ] Solving the problem with the game (SmartGuard) Interception

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When an error occurs related to Interception


With this message, SmartGuard signals the presence of the Interception program installed: http://www.oblita.com/interception.html
However, no associated processes will be displayed in the task manager. If the player did not install this program on his own, it may have been installed on a PC bundled with some other program.

To remove Interception, you must:

  • Download the distribution package of the program Interception
  • Copy the folder "command line installer" from the archive into any convenient directory.
  • Place the file "uninstall.cmd" in the copied folder (the file is attached to this message)
  • Run "uninstall.cmd" on behalf of the Administrator (right-click on the file, menu option "Run as Administrator")
  • To restart a computer.

If everything is done correctly, after restarting the computer, the program will be deleted from the system. ( uninstall.cmd )

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